Rental Application Summary

Below you will find rental applications that you can download and apply to any of the offered downtown Boston or suburban residential properties.

Follow these steps to apply for any management company apartment:

Step 1:
  Read our Application Guidelines before submitting your application.

Step 2:
Download our rental application

You can also download the instructions and form for roommate changes here (for urban units) or here (for suburban units).

Note regarding the application form. The applicant understands that all information will be verified and credit bureau reports completed, of which the contents will be shared with the Landlord. Until the Landlord has approved the application, no tenancy has been created and you have no rights to this apartment. The rental agent has no power to make any representations as to whether or not this application has been accepted or denied by the Landlord. If denied, applicant's sole remedy shall be the return of any deposit made hereunder. Any person signing on behalf of an applicant warrants and represents that said person has the authority to sign on behalf of such applicant. Any deposit hereunder shall be deemed made by such applicant regardless of whether the applicant personally signs or through a representative and such representative by signing in such capacity waives all rights to such deposit. Applicants and co-signers shall submit their valid social security numbers and banking information as a requirement to Lease, applicants understand and acknowledge that said information shall be used for identification purposes on all Lease documents without exception. All approved applicants and co-signers shall be held jointly and severally liable on the Lease. The undersigned warrants and represents that all statements contained in this application are true, and recognized that the Landlord will execute a Lease in reliance upon the truthfulness thereof. Applicant agrees to execute a Standard Apartment Lease, as from time to time revised, and on the terms and conditions contained herein. Any deposit made by applicant, up to one month's rent, may be retained by Landlord as liquidated damages for failure of applicant to execute such Lease, make any payment hereunder, or if such Lease is terminated prior to occupancy for the untruth of any statement contained herein

Step 3:
  Submit your working application for general review one of the following ways:

  • By fax: +1 617-443-9494

  • By E-mail:  rentals@newburyassociates.com 

Step 3: 
  Submit your hard-copy application for processing with required payment one of the following ways:

  • In person at:  Newbury Associates in care of Hadco, 21 Drydock Avenue 1st Floor PMB 49, Boston, MA 02210*

  • Priority deliver via FedEx, UPS to: Newbury Associates, c/o Hadco, 21 Drydock Avenue 1st Floor PMB 49, Boston, MA 02210*

* Applications for units in our Downtown Boston portfolio can be hand-delivered to our management office or received during tours at the buildings. Please refer to the respective site offices to submit an application for any units in our suburban portfolio.